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POV: You're Eloping and the Only Flower Options Are...

  • Custom wedding flowers from a florist with a $10k minimum, or
  • A cute but droopy bunch of sunflowers from Trader Joe's

What's a couple madly in love to do?!

Enter a third option—a premium, wedding-worthy elopement package from Ritual Floral.

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Easy Elopement Package

Add a little flower magic to your intimate Milwaukee elopement with our effortlessly enchanting elopement packages.

First, choose the type of package you'll need. We offer any combo of bouquets & boutonnieres you need to best represent your love. Then, choose a color palette. Are you more elegantly neutral or seasonally colorful?

And that's it! Premium, wedding-worthy flowers will be ready for you in no time.

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Premium Wedding Flowers Without the Hassle

...or the price tag!

Elopements should be fun, easy, and save you money. Which is how we've designed our elopement flower packages.

Easily order your elopement flowers online with as little as one week's notice. Enjoy premium, enchanting flowers on your wedding day.

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Flowers to Celebrate All Lovers

We offer 3 different elopement packages to celebrate all you lovers out there:

  • 1 bouquet, 1 boutonniere
  • 2 bouquets
  • 2 boutonnieres
A neutral colored bridal bouquet featuring premium white flowers and eucalyptus, displayed laying on its side on a wooden table

Two Color Palettes to Personalize Your Package

We offer two color palettes so you can choose whichever fits your personalities better.

Are you more Elegantly Neutral or Seasonally Colorful? Either way, we guarantee the freshest, highest quality flowers arranged to perfection.

"Nikki was so gracious to throw a bouquet and boutonniere together for me last minute and the results were stunning. She responded quickly and was great to work with. Would recommend Ritual to everyone for every occasion."

—Bre K.

A bride and groom standing outside looking at each other smiling. He has a colorful boutonniere and she holds a colorful bouquet of jewel-toned flowers

Ready to Tie the Knot?

Click below to place your order and see just how easy beautiful, wedding-worthy elopement flowers can be!

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✿ Frequently Asked Questions ✿

Can I request specific flowers or colors?

Unfortunately not with our elopement packages. You can choose between one of our two color palettes, but no other requests can be made. Flexibility is the only way we're able to offer premium wedding flowers at a lower cost and without any minimums.

If you are looking for specific flowers or colors for your intimate wedding, we offer custom wedding flowers with lower minimums than most other florists in the area! Learn more about wedding flowers here.

How far in advance do I need to order my elopement package?

Just one week! Easily order online with only 7 days notice.

Need something sooner? Feel free to text us at (414) 465-8489. We can't always accommodate last minute orders, but will try when we're able to!

How do I get my elopement flowers?

Choose local delivery or pickup!

Delivery is available for only a $12 fee. We deliver within a 10 mile radius of our studio.

Or, pick up your flowers from our studio. Our address is 3865 S Austin st, Milwaukee WI 53207. ,

Can you describe the two color palettes you offer?

Absolutely! Our first option is "Elegantly Neutral". This palette offers timeless beauty, featuring lots of lush greenery and pretty white flowers. This palette may include touches of soft color, such as creme or blush pink.

Our second option is "Seasonally Colorful." If you're a person who loves fun, color and whimsy, this one's for you. The exact colors we use will change weekly but will always be inspired by the season. For example springtime may include brights and pastels, while fall can feature deep jewel tones or a more traditional autumn palette of rusts, burgundies, and browns.

What kind of boutonniere is included?

Packages that include boutonnieres can be either classic pin boutonnieres or pocket square boutonnieres. Just let us know which you prefer in a note during checkout. If you don't specify, we'll follow up to ask ;)

Photos on this page are by Kelsie Herzog and Jessica Frigge.