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Slavic Goddess Candle

  • The Winter Queen, The Dark Goddess
  • Goddess of death, rebirth, winter, and dreams
  • Embodies the cyclical nature of life
  • Sacrifices herself every winter to make space for spring & new life

A unique winter blend inspired by Slavic goddess of winter and death Morana (or Marzanna). The scent of evergreen transports you to snowy woodlands, while cool mint puts a chill in the air. Hints of lily, a flower often associated with death and renewal, adds a unique floral twist to this wintery blend.

✿ Inspired by my Croatian & Slovenian grandparents, I wanted to create a line of candles honoring my heritage and introducing people to Slavic goddesses. I hope you enjoy! ✿ —Nikki, owner of Ritual Floral
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Candles are 100% organic soy wax and made in the USA. 8oz.
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