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Slavic Goddess Candle

  • Mother Moist Earth. Supreme Goddess.
  • Protector of women and the home
  • Weaver of fate and destiny
  • Giver of life, abundance, prosperity, nourishment, and fertility

A unique blend embodying Mother Moist Earth, the slavic goddess Mokoś (or Mokosh). Juicy, fertile fruits of melon and apple are combined with undertones of moist, mossy woods. Hints of vanilla offer the familiar comfort of Mother's milk.

✿ Inspired by my Croatian & Slovenian grandparents, I wanted to create a line of candles honoring my heritage and introducing people to Slavic goddesses. I hope you enjoy! ✿ —Nikki, owner of Ritual Floral
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Candles are 100% organic soy wax and made in the USA. 8oz.
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