Couples choose to elope for a variety of reasons. Large weddings are expensive, and eloping can save you thousands of dollars. Or maybe you and your lover don't really enjoy the spotlight, and prefer to tie the knot in private.

Hey everyone! I'm Nikki, the owner of Ritual Floral, and did you know that I chose to elope? It's true! My hubby and I tied the knot at New York City Hall, and it was perfect for us. So whatever your reason for eloping, I am right there with you!

But we didn't just wake up one day and choose to run off to City Hall. We chose to do a little planning, and spend a little money on the things that would make our day extra special. And honestly looking back, there were places I wish we would have spent a little more! So here are my top 3 must-haves for a perfect elopement, from someone who's done it!

Hire a Photographer

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My husband and I got married in total secret. We didn't tell anyone ahead of time, as we didn't want anyone questioning our decision to elope. The one person we did invite, however, was a photographer! It was important to us to capture the memories and joy of our special day. (And bonus, our photographer served as our witness!)

My only regret? Well, we were a little low on cash at the time (it's no secret that NYC is expensive) and looking back the budget photographer we chose wasn't the best. I wish we had spent just a little more to get even better photos.

So to all you Milwaukee elopers out there, I recommend finding a photographer whose style you absolutely adore. Having beautiful photos of your special day will be worth the price.

Looking for an elopement photographer in the Milwaukee area? Check out Kelsie Herzog! Ritual Floral and Kelsie have collaborated numerous times, and her work is amazing. If I were to get married again, I'd hire her in a heart beat!

Treat Yourself to Flowers

Bride and groom outside with a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Okay, so we've agreed that a photographer is a must have. But what would make those photos even better? If you were carrying a premium, custom flower bouquet up those city hall steps.

If you are a lover of flowers, treating yourself to a bouquet is an absolute must! Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you can't have the experience of carrying a beautiful bridal bouquet. You deserve flowers!

Most wedding florists have minimums in the thousands for wedding flowers—not exactly great for elopements. And then your only other option is... what? Trader Joe's flowers? Hey, we love TJ's, but you deserve more on your wedding day!

Lucky for you, we at Ritual Floral specialize in florals for elopements and intimate Milwaukee weddings. If all you need is a bridal bouquet, we are happy to create a beautiful, premium, custom bouquet made just for you—no other purchases required. Click here to learn more about elopement flowers!

Dinner Reservations at THAT Restaurant

A man sitting at a table at a restaurant with a glass of wine and plate of food.

In lieu of an expensive wedding reception, may we recommend a dinner reservation for two at that extra special restaurant? You know, the one you've always wanted to try but is just a little too pricey for a normal date night? Tonight is the night!

You're saving thousands of dollars by not serving dinner and alcohol to 200 people. So instead, treat you and your partner to a dinner you won't forget, with that extra special bottle of champagne.

My husband and I celebrated our elopement with a 10-course vegan dinner at a restaurant we had always wanted to try. And when the waitstaff found out it was our wedding day, they treated us like royalty! I'll never forget how perfect that dinner was. I mean, doesn't he look happy?!

Splurge on the Things That Will Make Your Elopement Meaningful to You

Your elopement day is yours and yours alone. Remember how much money you're saving by not having a huge wedding, and opt to splurge on a few things that will make your big day special and memorable to the two of you. I don't regret eloping with my husband, and with these tips, neither will you!

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