Let's be real—flowers always make the perfect gift. Whether you want to tell someone you love them, cheer them up, or offer congratulations—flowers are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

But what if you could send flowers that say more?

At Ritual Floral, a local Milwaukee florist with a unique twist on flowers, we've created a line of fresh flower arrangements inspired by the symbolism of tarot, so that you can send flowers with a deeper meaning.

Not familiar with tarot? We've created this guide to help you choose the right tarot-inspired arrangement for your loved one, based on its meaning and common reasons people send flowers.

Next time you need to order flower delivery to Milwaukee for that special witch, wizard, or fairy in your life, refer to this guide to pick a tarot-inspired bouquet that sends the perfect message.

The Sun

Perfect for: Brightening Someone's Day

A fresh flower bouquet with a The Sun tarot card tied to it with ribbon

The Sun radiates with positivity and optimism. It brings happiness and abundance to everyone it shines upon, making it the perfect choice to brighten someone's day.

Send The Sun to a loved one who—

  • is having a bad day and can use a dose of optimism
  • you want to send positive vibes to just because!
  • suffers from seasonal depression and can use a little sunshine. Winters are long here in Milwaukee, and sending flowers is the perfect way to help someone combat those winter blues.

Shop The Sun:  Bouquet  or  Vase Arrangement

The Star

Perfect for: Sending Blessings of Love, Calm, and Peace

The Star tarot card sitting atop a flower arrangement with white anemones and eucalyptus

The Star brings with it the many blessings of the Universe. It indicates a time of peace, love, and calm, specifically after a more tumultuous time filled with struggle.

Send The Star to a loved one who—

  • is grieving the loss of a loved one
  • you believe deserves some rest, relaxation, and peace
  • you love very much and you want to shower in blessings and love
  • has just overcome a hurdle in their life, and is celebrating their resilience

Shop The Star:  Bouquet  or  Vase Arrangement

The Moon

Perfect for: Offering Comfort in a Time of Uncertainty

A small arrangement of white roses with a The Moon card tied to the vase with ribbon

The Moon glows brightly in the night sky, offering light and clarity to guide us through darkness. Reminding us that we can trust our intuition, The Moon shines her beautiful light upon us so that we can see through the anxiety and fear.

Send The Moon to a loved one who—

  • is currently struggling with something and can use some clarity
  • needs to be reminded that they can trust their intuition
  • is going through dark times and needs some light in their life

Shop the Moon

The World

Perfect for: Congratulations and Celebrating Achievement

A colorful flower arrangement in a white compote vase

The World in tarot glows with wholeness and accomplishment. It invites us to reflect on a journey and honor our achievements. This card represents a point of completion.

Send The World to a loved one who—

  • just graduated, received a promotion, or achieved a life-long dream
  • is in need of congratulating for any reason
  • you love SO much that you wish you could give them the whole world

Shop the World

The Empress

Perfect for: Celebrating the Season, or The Birth of a New Baby

Fall flower arrangement with a The Empress tarot card sitting on top

The Empress is tarot's classic Mother Earth archetype, and is connected to the changing seasons and the natural world. She is also highly representative of feminine energies, such as sensuality, abundance, and fertility.

Send The Empress to a loved one who—

  • is celebrating the birth of a new baby or a pregnancy announcement
  • is struggling with conceiving and you want to send blessings of fertility to
  • you want to send season's greetings to, whether that be for a specific holiday or simply a favorite time of the year

Shop The Empress:  Bouquet  or  Vase Arrangement

Wheel of Fortune

Perfect for: Cheering Someone Up or Wishing Good Luck

A fresh flower arrangement wrapped in paper, featuring lavender mums and daisies, with a Wheel of Fortune tarot card tied around it

The Wheel of Fortune in tarot symbolizes luck and fate. It asks us to go with the flow, and have faith in the Universe—even when things get tough. It's a reminder that the Wheel is always turning, and so if you're down on your luck right now, know that The Wheel promises that good luck will return.

Send the Wheel of Fortune to a loved one who—

  • you want to wish good luck to
  • is down on their luck and can use some cheering up
  • is struggling and needs a reminder that things will get better again

Shop Wheel of Fortune

The High Priestess

Perfect for: Empowering That Witchy Woman

A small vase arrangement with dark purple, magenta, and blue flowers

The High Priestess represents the sacred feminine. She is, quite frankly, a bad ass. Master of sacred knowledge, hidden mysteries, and inner wisdom. She encourages us to listen to our intuition, and know that we have power within us.

Send The High Priestess to a loved one who—

  • any witchy woman who loves magic!
  • a loved one who just discovered a new sense of freedom & power—maybe they started a new career, or are celebrating a welcome divorce
  • someone who needs empowering and reminding that they are capable of great things
  • a loved one who is going through a tough time, and can use a reminder to make time to meditate, journal, self-reflect, and find answers within themselves

Shop The High Priestess:  Bouquet  or  Vase Arrangement

The Magician

Perfect for: Offering Encouragement or Good Luck

A wrapped fresh flower bouquet with soft lavender, pink, and blue flowers and a The Magician tarot card tied to it

The Magician is a card of manifestation and power. He shows us that we have all the resources & energy we need to make our dreams come true. He inspires us to tap into our full potential and make our dreams a reality!

Send The Magician to a loved one who—

  • just achieved a goal thanks to their own hard work and dedication
  • is currently up for a promotion, graduation, or other big goal, and you want to send some encouragement to
  • who's dreams you want to make come true! with a beautiful, dreamy, bouquet of flowers ;)

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